Providing Innovative Training and Technology for Law Enforcement

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The ISACA Metropolitan New York Chapter is teaming up with Law Enforcement Alliance for Digital Evidence Response Inc. (LEADER), to assist the law enforcement community, prosecutors and their strategic partners combat all forms of crime through technology.

Justice and Protection for All...

L.E.A.D.E.R. is a not-for-profit corporation with the purpose of assisting the law enforcement community, prosecutors and their strategic partners to combat all forms of crime by leveraging data, digital evidence and digital intelligence. 


Innovative Training 

We provide opportunities for new and innovative training and evidence recovery support for law enforcement, prosecutors and their strategic partners.

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Community Support

We host national and regional investigative and digital evidence symposiums for law enforcement, prosecutors, their strategic partners and private industry participants to inform industry leaders about the latest criminal threats and tactics as well as establish law enforcement and private sector protocols for handling these incidents.

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Strategic Relationships

LEADER possesses over 160 years of state and federal government service, law enforcement experience and service to the community through its participants. We have established a very successful track record dealing with every type of governmental and non-governmental entity, and will continue to strengthen these relationships to combat serious crime.

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National Training Centers

As our mission evolves, we will establish new training centers for law enforcement, prosecutors, trial judges, and other agencies to deliver programs fighting domestic and international terrorism, human trafficking, financial crimes, child exploitation, and other serious crimes

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Recent Cybercrime Headlines

ISACA WINTER 2019 MEETING - Featuring LEADER and other Law Enforcement Representatives

ISACA will host its winter membership meeting on January 10th to inform our members about several topics listed below.

Criminal and Civil enforcement of securities regulations from the perspective of your law enforcement agencies and securities regulators

NCFTA: A proven successful model of private sector and law enforcement cooperation

When cybercrime calls on you: What law enforcement sees and why they react the way they do

Challenges in Transforming from Traditional Layers of Defense Silos to an Adaptive Defense Strategy

Cybercrime and the role of the District Attorney’s office

For the full agenda, click here.


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