Our Vision

Justice and Protection for All...


Law Enforcement Alliance for Digital Evidence Response, Inc. (L.E.A.D.E.R.), is a not-for-profit corporation with the purpose of assisting the law enforcement community, prosecutors and their strategic partners to combat all forms of crime by leveraging data, digital evidence and digital intelligence.

Our mission is "to help promote public safety by providing law enforcement, prosecutors and strategic partners with access to the latest technology and exceptional training in their pursuit of justice and protection for all."  

To carry out this mission, LEADER will:

  • Seek out opportunities to provide new and innovative training and evidence recovery support for law enforcement, prosecutors and their strategic partners.
  • Coordinate with Attorneys General, District Attorneys and other prosecuting attorneys to provide new and innovative training and evidence recovery support.
  • Establish relationships with governmental agencies and private-sector entities involved in providing critical infrastructure services, financial systems security, and other businesses who handle sensitive consumer data to develop new and innovative joint training programs.
  • Host national and regional investigative and digital evidence symposiums for law enforcement, prosecutors, their strategic partners and private industry participants.
  • Create new law enforcement, prosecutor and trial judge training centers and programs to help fight domestic and international terrorism, financial crimes, domestic violence, human trafficking, child exploitation and other serious crimes.